Transforming Grief into a Celebration of Love

When Angela first learned about the Connection Practice she knew that it was a “missing piece” in the puzzle of her life. It was a big “Aha!” moment for her when she realized the wide range of feelings she could have about a given issue. She simply never realized she could have so many feelings all at once!

When Angela gets clear on her “core need” – a step within the Connection Practice – she always experiences such a great sense of relief.  Following the practical, easy-to-use steps of the Connection Practice, Angela is always eager to receive her “insight” on how to get her core need met.

She often shared, “What joy and inner freedom the Connection Practice has brought into my life!”

After years of suffering with loneliness, recovering from addiction, and a lack of career direction, she knew she could always enjoy running on the beach with her beloved dog, Snowey.

In fact, as Angela grew to love the Connection Practice, she began to regularly attend Connection Practice groups (otherwise known as “Connection Circles”) with Snowey in tow.  Snowey would lay on her little bed and appear to “listen in” as others shared their feelings and received warm empathy without judgment, from the group. Between shares, Snowey would enjoy a gentle pet, and she quickly became known as our empathetic furry friend - a regular at our circles!

Sadly, after a few months, Snowey appeared to fall ill. Given that Snowey served as a best friend and companion, this was naturally a very emotional time for Angela. One day she would feel optimistic about Snowey’s recovery, then the next she would fall into despair as she watched Snowey’s condition vacillate from bad to good, then back again. Angela felt very confused, as well as guilty, wishing she could do more for her beloved companion. Angela also felt extremely alone, even desperate, in need of hope and emotional support.

Then the day came when Snowey passed.

This devastated Angela and led her to fall into deep despair. The very next day after Snowey’s passing, it was Angela’s turn to facilitate a Connection Practice circle in Portsmouth, NH. Angela was torn about sharing what had happened with the group since it was such a fresh experience of loss for her.

But the love and safety within the Connection Practice group made it easy for her to share her grief.

As Angela began sharing her story with the group, she felt the comfort that comes from “letting others in.”  Through receiving empathy, she experienced much needed love and support, entirely free from advice or judgment. As she took the time to really connect with her feelings, she realized that she was feeling exhausted, sad, and grateful. She also found that she was needing peace, compassion and empathy, as well as connection. Her heart insight revealed her immense love and gratitude for Snowey, and a new perspective on forgiveness for herself.

Angela left that circle healed of grief and feeling filled-up with love, gratitude and peace.  The power of true empathy, as experienced within the Connection Practice, is a genuine healing balm for grief. Being held in loving compassion at the Connection Circle was a priceless experience for Angela.

Angela is now a Recovery Coach and works in a fulfilling career at Safe Harbor Recovery Center in Portsmouth, NH.

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