Tools for Learning the Connection Practice


A Guidance Counselor teaches Feelings and Needs cards to students at Oakley Elementary School.

“I felt like all the worries that I’ve had have just been lifted.”

- Student at Oakley Elementary
after experiencing the Connection Practice

Years of experience have shown that the use of tactile tools enhances the power of the Connection Practice. The most powerful and comprehensive tool is the Connection Practice Boards. Other tools include Feelings & Needs cards.

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Rita Marie’s book, Completely Connected: Using Our Empathy and Insight for Extraordinary Results and the Connection Practice app make it possible to learn on your own.


Biofeedback software, such as the emWave and Inner Balance, makes it easy to learn heart-brain coherence. 

The Connection Practice has inspired two children’s books, which make it especially easy for children to learn the practice. Corey’s Peaceful Heart teaches children how to become coherent. Alma and Atman tells the story of a young girl resolving issues around the divorce of her parents after she learns the Connection Practice from a draft horse. Both books are available on Amazon.

In addition, a music CD by Sam Guarnaccia and Rita Marie Johnson has songs for each step of the Connection Practice. The CD is called “BePeace in Song” since it was made prior to the name change to the Connection Practice. See a video of the children’s choir performing these songs.

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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