Connection Practice Curriculum Information and Resource Page

Welcome to the Curriculum Course and the joy of bringing the Connection Practice to your students.

You can download the Curriculum Manual and its cover here:

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We also recommend that you:

  • Watch the three introductory videos
  • Watch one or more of the demonstration videos based on your interest
  • Watch the Part 1 Self-Study Course videos; week three is especially important for learning coherence and heart-brain insight (consider taking the self-study course with a coach to maximize your learning)
  • Familiarize yourself with the other curriculum materials available by download

You can access all of the remaining materials below:

Three introductory videos

Why Use the Connection Practice?

Rita Marie describes the challenge of disconnection we are facing in today’s world

Curriculum Introduction

Rita Marie introduces the Connection Practice Boards and Curriculum

Curriculum Logistics

Kelsey describes the curriculum materials and how to use them

Six instructional videos: Kelsey teaches each lesson to four students.

In lessons 3-6, the students make hand movements as a way to learn the Quick Coherence Technique. Although this may help students learn to reach coherence initially, the hand movements can be eliminated once the students know the steps because they can be distracting.

In lesson 3, the students learn how to achieve coherence using the emWave. You will see student’s scores in high coherence (green), medium coherence (blue) and low coherence (red).

In lesson 5, the teacher guessed that her daughter’s main need was “to belong;” however, the video did not capture that word, written on the white board, because the camera was focused on the teacher.

Lesson 1: Naming Feelings & Needs Leads to Empathy

Lesson 2: Empathy for Another Person

Lesson 3: Quick Coherence Technique

Lesson 4: Heart-Brain Insight

Lesson 5: The Connection Practice Worksheet

Lesson 6: The Connection Practice in Partners

Testimonials by Kelsey and the students

Additional Resources

Part 1 Self-Study Course

  • Lesson 1: The How To of Hope: empathy + insight = connection
  • Lesson 2: The Empowerment of Empathy
  • Lesson 3: Rocking Your World with Insight
  • Lesson 4: Connecting the Dots of the Connection Practice
  • Lesson 5: Taking the Connection Practice to the World

This course will teach you the steps of the Connection Practice and the science behind them.

In particular, before using the Boards for the first time, it’s important to learn Heart-Brain Insight - Steps 8, 9, and 10 on the Connection Practice Board.  Rita Marie teaches that in Session 3 --- Rocking Your World with Insight.

Coaching is available with this self-study course and will provide a much deeper experience of the Practice (click here if you want to take the course with coaching; select Self-Study Webinar Coach and contact a coach to negotiate the price)

Demonstration videos

Demo: Coaching an Adult on an Inner Issue and a Celebration

Demo: Processing a Conflict on Your Own

Demo: Coaching a Young Person Through a Conflict

Demo: Processing a Family Conflict

Note: In these demonstrations, you will see participants closing their eyes and putting their hands on their hearts.  We have found that when people are first learning the practice, this can help them focus more easily; however, it is optional. 

Personal Support

Weekly Zoom video calls to provide support and answer questions

Additional Resources

While an emWave is not necessary for learning the Connection Practice, it is a valuable tool for becoming adept at entering coherence quickly, no matter what is happening around you.  This software measures your coherence, so you get objective feedback on the level of coherence that you are reaching.  Included with your package.

We are happy you have joined our connection family, and we hope that you will expand on your capacity to connect more deeply with yourself and others in your family, relationships, and profession.

We envision a world where every person practices the art of connection and passes this gift on.

~ Rita Marie Johnson, Founder and CEO

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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