The Connection Practice Boards

It seems to me the world is screaming for an answer that gets to the cause of increasing conflict, violence, mental and emotional distress and loss of human potential. The cause is that people do not know how to stay connected inside themselves and with others, especially in the face of challenges.  Now we have Connection Practice Boards that empower people, including at-risk kids, to move consistently from distress to peace and from confusion to clarity. 
~ Rita Marie Johnson

Get Your Own Boards

We are very excited about the benefits of the new Connection Practice boards, which:

  • Are visual and tactile, bringing the invisible inner life into sharper reality
  • Make it quicker to learn and to use as the steps of the practice are succinctly spelled out on the boards
  • Can be displayed permanently on a refrigerator, wall or easel so the visual reminder will encourage regular practice
  • Fold into 8 ½ x 11 size so they can be easily transported

The Connection Practice boards come as a set of two boards, a Connection Practice board and a Feelings & Needs board, along with video demonstrations.

The Connection Practice board leads you step-by-step through the practice.  The Feelings & Needs board has 32 feelings magnets and 32 needs magnets.  To process a challenge, you move the feelings and needs magnets from the Feelings & Needs board onto the Connection Practice board.  This experience results in self-empathy and empathy for the other. 

The next section of the Connection Practice board leads to accessing an insight and identifying an action step.

There are places on the board to write in the challenge, the insight, and the action.  At the end, the magnets can be moved back and the written items erased so the boards are ready to help resolve the next issue that arises.

So, you may be asking, “How do I get a set of boards?”

We are in the midst of a beta test followed by a crowdfunding drive, so there are two ways to receive boards.

First, you could participate in our beta test, which is going on right now.  We have a limited number of boards, and we are asking people to assess their design, ease of use, etc.  If you are interested in participating in the beta test (beta-test price $59.99), contact Rita Marie at and describe your proposal:

  • Number of boards needed, includes video demonstration
  • Target population
  • Timeframe for assessing the boards and sending in your evaluation

Alternatively, you can place a pre-order for the boards now, and we will send you a set when we complete the crowdfunding.  Pre-order price: $69.99 - $20 deposit, then you will receive a second invoice when they arrive.

Place my pre-order for a set of boards with video demonstrations

If you are interested in a quantity discount for either the beta test or the pre-order, send an email to

The Story Behind the Boards

When I was ten years old, I had an experience I will never forget. It was a humid Fourth of July in Missouri, and we had already eaten our fill of watermelon. My sister, brother and I were sitting on the front porch of our farmhouse waiting for it to get dark so we could shoot off the fireworks. I felt restless – there was something burning inside of me but I wasn’t sure what – so I went for a walk down our country road.

As I walked along, the sun was setting and the sky filled up with glorious streams of light and breathtaking colors. I was thunderstruck with the beauty of it, and moments later, I felt deeply peaceful. Then a whisper inside my heart surprised me: You will work for peace. I never forgot those words – they answered a question I hadn’t yet articulated – but I didn’t know what to do with them. The idea of creating a more peaceful world seemed right, but I wasn’t attracted to politics, protesting or finding a guru.  I just wanted to know how best to live.

Years later, after learning about heart-brain coherence, I realized my appreciation of the sunset had moved me into a coherent state; it made it possible for me to hear that thunderous whisper. I also realized my way of working for peace was teaching the Connection Practice.

I have been teaching the Connection Practice since 2004 and have seen many lives transformed by it. However, I also saw individuals have a “wow” experience with it yet not move on to practice it regularly.  Now, our new magnetic Connection Practice Boards make it quicker and more efficient so that people will be encouraged to continue practicing regularly.

From my fifteen years of experience teaching the Connection Practice, I know it can make a huge contribution to achieving peace and progress. These new boards, along with video instruction, will make it possible for individuals around the world to become self-empowered, actualize their highest potential and contribute to society.  That is what it means to me to work for peace – empower every individual with the “know how” of inner and outer connection:

empathy + insight = connection

Please join us in spreading the Connection Practice, especially to at-risk kids, by getting these boards and video instruction out into the world.

Board Details

Purchase of the basic kit includes:

  • Connection Practice board
  • Feelings & Needs board
  • Zippered pouch
  • Erasable marker with eraser
  • Cords for hanging (two)
  • Introduction video (available by link)
  • Demonstration video with an adult (conflict; celebration; on-your-own) (available by link)
  • Demonstration video with a young person (available by link)
  • Demonstration video with a family (available by link)

Board dimensions:

  • Open: 17” x 11”
  • Folded: 8 ½” x 11”

How the boards can be displayed:

  • Attached to a magnetic surface (the boards are magnetic)
  • On a flat surface
  • Hung from a cord through two holes at the top
  • Propped up on easels (not included)

Purchase of the curriculum kit includes:

  • Multiple Connection Practice boards (based on need; one board for every two students)*
  • Multiple Feelings & Needs boards (based on need: one board for every two students)*
  • Zippered pouches (one for every two boards)
  • Erasable marker with eraser (one for every two boards)
  • Cords for hanging (two for every two boards)
  • Instructor manual
  • Link to access all instruction materials (handouts and PowerPoint slides)
  • Introduction video (available by link)
  • Six demonstration videos, one for each of the six lessons (available by link)
  • Demonstration video with an adult (conflict; celebration; on-your-own) (available by link)
  • Demonstration video with a young person (available by link)
  • Demonstration video with a family (available by link)

* Discounts available for quantity orders

The purpose of Rasur Foundation International is to spread the Connection Practice globally.

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