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Please indicate all times in PACIFIC time, and be aware of AM vs. PM. Also be aware of the change from daylight to standard time in the fall, and the change back to daylight time in the spring.

Note that group meetings (more than two people) in Room 1 are now limited to 40 minutes. 

Consult the table at the bottom of this page to make sure that the date and time you want is available in the room. If a meeting has no end time, please assume meetings are an hour and a half long. Assuming meetings last about an hour, this should allow a buffer of half an hour between meetings. If you need a different amount of time for your meeting, put in an explicit end time. (And note that now that we have this schedule, there is no need to inform anyone about ending your meeting. )

If you need to change something you've submitted, click in the table below to edit the item.

Note that putting info in this form doesn't actually do anything except let other coaches who consult the table know that you want the room at that time. The room is always available, and anyone who has the link can come into the room at any time. And the link for the room is always the same. So the system depends on people checking and respecting what's been reserved.

Room 1 has no time limit for two people and a 40-minute time limit for groups.

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