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The Connection Practice Curriculum (formerly known as BePeace Practice Curriculum) was created and field tested at Oakley Elementary School, New Caney Independent School District in New Caney, Texas.

The Connection Practice In-Service Course and Curriculum Kit give educators the training and materials they need to create greater harmony in their classrooms and to help students succeed academically.

Teachers, administrators and school counselors – as well as parents – can learn the core of the Connection Practice in the in-service training. In the in-service training, you will:

  • Experience the powerful combination of empathy and insight.
  • Understand the concept of heart-brain coherence and the neuroscience behind it.
  • Learn the value of identifying and connecting with feelings and needs.

The Curriculum Kit lays out the six, 30-minute lessons for the classroom. In just three hours, students learn a scientifically-based skill to help them creatively resolve whatever’s coming at them in life, including classroom bullying and family conflicts.

Spending just 15 minutes at the beginning of the day on the Connection Practice maximizes the results.

This daily routine ensures that each student feels heard and is connected to peers and the teacher.

It clears away emotional turmoil and excessive excitement so that students are ready to learn.

As a result, the teacher will not spend as much classroom time on managing behavior problems. But most importantly, this practice ensures that, every day, students know they matter. (Many students reported that they used the Connection Practice at home to resolve conflicts, to the great surprise of their parents.)

Maria, a second grade teacher, said,

“The Connection Practice has helped me a lot, especially when it comes to quieting the students without shouting or threats. The Quick Coherence Technique has become standard practice in my class; the students themselves ask to do it when I forget. I was so surprised to see the effect this tool had on one student. He was aggressive and stirred up trouble continually with his classmates. By becoming coherent, his impulsivity has been dramatically reduced while his attention in class has improved. His progress has been so amazing that he now asks permission to lead the technique in front of the class.”

The Connection Practice can also be used:

  • Throughout the day to manage tensions or conflict in the classroom
  • Just prior to exams
  • By guidance counselors when counseling students and parents. The practice meets American School Counselor Standards.

For information about bringing the Connection Practice to your school, contact a certified curriculum instructor or send an email to info@rasurinternational.org.

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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