Rasur Foundation International Board Members

Rita Marie Johnson


Rita Marie Johnson is the founder, CEO and board president of Rasur Foundation International.  She is the author of The Return of Rasur and Completely Connected.  She also wrote the libretto for the Costa Rican national musical, Rasur.  For a short bio, click here. For a detailed bio, click here. She lives in Gilroy, California.  For more on our founder.  

Leigh Files


Leigh Files, the board’s Chairman, has been a board member since 2014. She has retired as program manager at Texas Instruments Incorporated and is also on the board of directors for the Dallas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. She lives in Texas.

Shari Holland


Shari Holland is a founding board member and the Parliamentarian and current Secretary of the Board. She has a master’s in Public Administration and lives in Missouri.

Lynne Dowler

Retired Educator

Lynne Dowler has been on the board since 2013. She is a retired educator and serves on the board of Empower American Children. She lives in Texas.

Philip M. Hellmich

The Shift Network

Philip M. Hellmich is a thought leader in creating a new narrative of peace, from inner peace to international peacebuilding.  As the Director of Peace at The Shift Network, Philip is the chief architect of the Summer of PeaceYoga Day Summit and World Peace Library – online global forums that seek to inspire, inform and involve people in the many ways that peace is emerging around the world. He also is the co-lead faculty of the Peace Ambassador Training.  He lives in California.

David McArthur


The Rev. David McArthur, J. D., although currently retired, has served as an attorney, Asst. Attorney General, Unity minister, and speaker, trainer and director for HeartMath.  He has been involved with the Connection Practice for many years and is the author of Your Spiritual Heart and co-author of The Intelligent Heart.  He lives in Washington.

Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones has been a board member since 2011. She helped sponsor the first Connection Practice project in Costa Rica in 2003. She retired as president and CEO of a business college and is a former teacher. She lives in Alabama.

For more information, please contact info@connectionpractice.org.

Rasur Foundation International Staff

Ellen Marie Anderson, Ph.D.
Director of Education



Ellen Marie Anderson bridges the worlds of science, education, and practical psychology. She has an undergraduate degree in German and a graduate degree in physical chemistry. Ellen retired from a career as a chemist at the Food and Drug Administration and as Executive Director of The Center for Soulful Living. In addition to her role with the Connection Practice, she is also the Executive Director for The Conscious Soul. Ellen is dedicated to inclusive leadership, loving service, and empowered action.

Trista Zukowski - Bookkeeper

Yumi Kikkuchi
Director of International Outreach



Yumi Kikkuchi is a Master Connection Practice Trainer. She founded Rasur Japan in 2016, which officially became incorporated in 2017.  There are 38 Japanese Connection Practice trainers as of January 2019.  Yumi speaks Japanese, English and some Spanish. She is passionate about spreading the Connection Practice in the world.  She is the author of more than 10 books in Japanese and is an international speaker on health, environment and peace. 

Graduate, Ochanomizu University, Letters and Education Department

Performing Arts (Dance Education)

CNVC  Certified Trainer Candidate

Ayako Nozawa, MA in Counseling, Ed. D.
Director of International Teacher Training



Aya Nozawa has shared the Connection Practice with over 200 educators in the USA, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. She has trained 60 Japanese Connection Practice Curriculum Instructors. She wrote an academic article on the Connection Practice in Education in 2017. Aya is always ready to travel to spread the Connection Practice in education worldwide.

Thayne Rigby


Thayne Rigby is the co-founder of Build Platform. He has 15+ years as a web developer and designer. He has built websites for hundreds of clients over the years.  He currently has signed on to redesign and maintain the Connection Practice website in addition to his other duties.  You can contact him directly for potential future projects and for questions on the Connection Practice website.

The purpose of Rasur Foundation International is to spread the Connection Practice globally.

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