Rasur Foundation International (RFI)

Rasur Foundation International (RFI) is a nonprofit dedicated to spreading the Connection Practice globally. With your support, RFI will realize its vision of a world where every person practices the art of connection and passes this gift on.
Rasur Foundation International (RFI) teaches connection in all areas of life through courses, school curriculum, coaching, products, trainer certification, and events.
RFI gratefully acknowledges the HeartMath® Institute and Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication for inspiring the Connection Practice.

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"The Connection Practice has been a life-changer for me. It gives me a tool - a possibility for self-acceptance, clarity and peace of mind. It’s a joy to watch the Connection Practice expand."  - Betsy Ross, RFI member and donor

Completely Connected

Uniting Our Empathy and Insight for Extraordinary Results
In this book, Rita Marie Johnson, our Founder, shares the Connection Practice, a unique method for connecting with ourselves and others that is supported by scientific research and testimony from people around the world.

empathy + insight = connection


Connection Practice Trainer Certification

Do you want to help people reach new heights of creativity and harmony in their lives by teaching them how to access and combine their empathy and insight?

Rita Marie teaching the Connection Path to a trainer.
Over 160 trainers in more than 5 countries have been certified.
Become a Certified Coach/Trainer

Do you want to teach students a self-empowerment skill that will  help them resolve challenges successfully and connect authentically with others throughout their lives?

Teacher and students from the School of Rasur in Costa Rica.
Over 50,000 children have learned the six lessons of the curriculum.
Take a Part 1 CourseBecome a Certified Curriculum Trainer

Start Getting Connected Now

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The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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