Safety, Beauty and Sustainability at an Affordable Price in Peaceful, Happy Costa Rica!

Enter the welcoming gates of Quizur, a beloved 2-acre property with facilities
Are you looking for the best place on earth
to care for your family or sustain your business (or both!)?
• Main house with institutional kitchen, living room, office, 4 spacious bedrooms (each with their own bathroom)
• Amphitheater with stage that seats over 200
• 5 classrooms
• 4 one-bedroom bungalows
• 2-bedroom, 2-story house with large workshop
• Large storage room
• Public bathrooms with separate handicap bathroom
• A well that, in the past, provided all water for the town
• Easy access from the street and a road to all facilities
• Beautiful, gentle topography with mountain and valley views
Why Costa Rica? In 2008, 2010 and 2016 the Happy Planet Index ranked Costa Rica as the happiest country in the world. In 2019, the World Happiness Report, named Costa Rica as the happiest country in Latin America, second happiest in the Americas after Canada and the twelfth happiest in the world out of 156 countries.

With over 500,000 different species of animals and plants, Costa Rica houses at least 5% of the world's biodiversity. It funds nature reserve management and environmental services like clean air, fresh water and biodiversity protection. Costa Rica has protected about 28% of its land in national parks and wildlife refuges. 

At Quizur, you are immersed in the breathtaking nature of Costa Rica, yet you are centrally located in Santa Ana, which is 25 minutes from the airport. Santa Ana has become the place of choice with upscale grocery stores, gourmet restaurants, the best hospitals, private schools and malls. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of Quizur and, in just a few minutes, go out on the town!
Sign on the front wall, Quizur, “tiny culture of peace”
Costa Rica is the only country in the world with no army and no arrangement for defense with a larger country. Instead of funding defense, they invest in education.

A Pictorial Tour of Quizur

Front Patio of Main House and Amphitheatre Entrance
Quizur served as a second campus for the United Nations University for Peace (UPeace). housed visiting professors and provided an amphitheater for large events.

The property was shared with the Academy for Peace of Costa Rica (APCR), which trained public school teachers in the Connection Practice, a skill for meeting challenges in life,

The APCR was a project of Rasur Foundation International (RFI), a US nonprofit. Now circumstances have changed and selling the property will provided needed funds to RFI, UPeace and RFI’s founder, Rita Marie Johnson. So, in purchasing this property, you would receive all its benefits and support those who are working for a more peaceful world.

Quizur hasn’t been used by these nonprofits for several years and is not in the same condition that it was previously. Most of the pictures below were taken when the property was in its prime. However, the structures are still solid. It mostly needs repairs, paint and flowers.
Patio on two sides of main house can seat about 70 at tables.
Institutional kitchen with large island and heavy-duty stove
Living Room can seat up to 50
Four big bedrooms with full bathrooms, large closets and ceiling fans
Classroom at back of main house
Amphitheater with stage can seat over 200
Back Entrance to Amphitheater
Below the Amphitheater are 3 classrooms or offices
Four bungalows with living/dining/kitchen, bedroom and bath
Two-bedroom house, workshop in back
Large balcony on 2-story house
Public bathrooms with separate handicapped bathroom

The Wisdom Garden

Enter the enchanting Wisdom Garden, where you will find exotic flowers, a raised vegetable garden and an array of birds and animals.
The front Wisdom Garden
A bird with a long. blue tail at rest in the Wisdom Garden
View from Wisdom Garden to the valley
View from Main House to the mountains
This is the dream bench, where anyone can sit and dream big dreams.

Just imagine how this property could be used!

Extended Family Compound – for family members of all ages
Bed and Breakfast - a bathroom for every bedroom
Intentional Community – private and community space
Educational Center – huge bedrooms convert to classrooms
Retreat Center – a combination of nature and convenience
Recovery Center, Assisted Living or Nursing Home – all facilities are single story except one
Business – office and workspace galore
Nonprofit Headquarters – multiuse space for offices and events
Or develop this ideal, residential high-density land, which is approved for up to 38 homes. Zoning allows for a density of 75% of the land and minimum lots of 120-150 m2. Maximum building height is 3 stories. Make your numbers!

We invite you to dream of bringing Quizur to its full potential.

Sales Price: $949,000


 Email: info@connectionpractice.org   
 Phone: 214-458-4345 

The purpose of Rasur Foundation International is to spread the Connection Practice globally.

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