From the creator of the Connection Practice

Teach Students to Combine Empathy and Insight to Solve Their Own Problems

Is it difficult to effectively teach students resilience? Do you feel like your hard work is undone when they face challenges with bullies or at home? Learn how to help more students tackle any situation with a scientifically-tested skill called the Connection Practice.
Tuesday, March 26 7:00 PM PST
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With this 60-minute webinar, you will learn to:

teach the language of feelings and needs so students can connect empathically with themselves and others
teach students how to achieve heart-brain coherence, which helps them tap creative insights for resolving any social-emotional issues
effectively combine the student's empathy and insight to resolve any challenge
Testimonials by Kelsey and the Students

About Rita Marie Johnson

Rita Marie Johnson is an educator, speaker, author, and creator of the Connection Practice. She has shared the Connection Practice worldwide for almost fifteen years and was awarded the Ashoka Changemakers Innovation Award: Building a More Ethical Society, which was chosen from over 75 projects in 30 countries. Her practice has been shared with 150+ certified trainers and reached over 100,000 students. Rita Marie’s vision is for the Connection Practice to be integrated into schools so that social-emotional connection is valued as much as reading, writing and math.

Rita Marie has presented seminars and keynote speeches in the USA, Canada, Japan, Europe, and Central America, In 2016, her Amazon best-seller, Completely Connected, received a Nautilus Award in the Psychology category of Better Books for a Better World.

What some of the top educators, leaders, and students say about Rita Marie Johnson

President Oscar Arias

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
"Combining empathy and insight, as Johnson as shown, is a valid and proven way to improve human relations"

Eileen Rockefeller

Co-founder of the Collaborative for Academic, Social & Emotional Learning
"Rita Marie Johnson’s model, the Connection Practice, adds a much-needed, simple and effective approach to our social-emotional learning toolkit."

Carlos Francisco Echeverria

Former Minister of Culture of Costa Rica
"Rita Marie Johnson has helped thousands of Costa Rican children and teacher prevent school violence through her connection method."


Oakley Elementary, New Caney, Texas
"The reason I like the Connection Practice is it just makes life easier. Whenever you’re really stressed out, like I am, it helps me get through it. It’s amazing how it actually works."
From the creator of the Connection Practice

Teach Students to Combine Empathy and Insight to Solve Their Own Problems

Tuesday, March 26 7:00 PM PST
Experience this game-changing webinar
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