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The Connection Practice Childrens Boards

Would you like to see children learning the Connection Practice whether they can read or not? Just imagine kids using pictures to resolve turmoil!

To do the Connection Practice, the children go on a treasure hunt to find their feelings, needs and an insight.

The Boards capture their imagination and hearts with colorful characters.

Let's empower children to meet challenges confidently for the rest of their lives!

What you Receive:

  • 1 Main Board, 2 Feelings Boards, 2 Needs boards
  • 1 zipper pouch
  • Feelings and Needs handout
  • 1 video for learning Quick Coherence
  • 1 video demonstration of Quick Coherence
  • Demonstration videos for each age group
  • Guidelines - Instructions (PDF)

These Connection Practice Boards are developmentally appropriate

for children below 10 years of age.

The first Feelings & Needs Boards, each with 15 feelings and 15 needs, is designed for preschool children (ages 4-6).

The second Feelings & Needs Boards, with an additional 20 feelings and 20 needs, is designed for school-aged children (ages 7-10).

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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