Personal Development

Through the Connection Practice, you will learn to:

  • Resolve conflicts non-violently
  • Find release from worry, anger, anxiety and depression simply and quickly
  • Achieve your highest brain function and open up your intuition
  • Attain emotional balance, even in times of great turmoil and stress

The Connection Practice consists of three activities:

  • The Connection Practice – unites empathy and insight to solve daily challenges and celebrate life
  • The Connection Path – a step-by-step tool for resolving difficult conflicts within yourself or with others
  • Connection Mediation – an effective conflict intervention that meets the needs of all parties

These skills translate to all areas in life.

To learn more about the Connection Practice:

  • Watch a free webinar “A Simple Solution to Our Disconnected World” with Rita Marie Johnson
  • Experience the profound nature of the Connection Practice through a four-week online course that includes personal coaching.
  • Work one-to-one with a certified coach.
  • Attend a Foundations Course taught by a certified trainer.
  • After attending a Foundations Course or Part 1 of the series, join a Practice Group to help you master applying the skills in your life.

The purpose of Rasur Foundation International is to spread the Connection Practice globally.

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