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Peace begins within, and the Connection Practice teaches how to do it.

“For those committed to world peace, this is one of the most effective methodologies on the planet to get there,” said Rev. David McArthur.

You can learn the basics of the Connection Practice for personal use in a online or in-person.

Then if you are interested in using the Connection Practice professionally, you can take a Professional Certification Course.

Spiritual communities often struggle with painful conflicts that can lead to fractured relationships and loss in membership. The Connection Practice teaches leaders how to establish emotional safety and resolve issues peacefully in their communities. The Practice is not associated with any religion; it enriches the social-emotional environment while building deep connection. Pastoral counseling is easier with Connection Practice Boards that help congregants access their best thinking.

The Connection Practice does not espouse specific religious beliefs or tenets. It works hand-in-hand with any thought system because it teaches how to:

  • Live harmoniously with those you are in relationship with, whether at home, at work or in the community
  • Find meaning and purpose in daily living
  • Believe you can impact social change
  • Feel and act peaceful amidst chaos and conflict

The Connection Practice can be learned in a variety of ways:

Having fun at a women’s Connection Practice Retreat.

Certified coaches and trainers are available to help you integrate the Connection Practice into your spiritual community:

  • Train the board and the staff to use the Connection Practice in the children’s program and with the congregation
  • Hold courses or camps and invite the local community
  • Resolve conflicts and issues

One of the greatest strengths of the Connection Practice is conflict resolution and mediation. It is very effective in resolving conflict within spiritual communities, whether it’s between the board and the minister, the board and the congregation, or groups within the congregation.

To find out more or to schedule a course, contact a certified trainer or send an email to info@connectionpractice.org.

In the past, the Connection Practice was known as BePeace in spiritual communities.

Testimonial Letters

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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