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In business, relationship conflicts are a primary driver of inefficiency

How people feel at work – stressed, threatened, valued, engaged – and their ability to self-regulate their emotions profoundly influence how they perform.

Social and emotional intelligence is the key to diminishing disruptions from conflicts and emotional reactions.

Social and emotional intelligence can be learned and  has been proven both scientifically and practically to:

  • reduce turnover
  • increase productivity
  • resolve problems creatively
  • create a more cooperative work environment

In business, conflicts carry enormous costs, including lack of teamwork, inefficiency and lost profit. The Connection Practice is a skill that reduces conflict and provides a roadmap through disagreements to harmonious solutions. It also inspires innovative thinking as a team. Connection Practice Trainers provide courses customized to individual businesses and nonprofits. Imagine the difference when employees and teams know how to sustain emotional balance during stressful times at work!

For example, cosmetics giant L’Oréal began factoring emotional intelligence in their hiring process for salespeople. Those who were recruited for their high EQ outsold their peers by over $90,000 annually. The high-EQ employees also had 63 percent less turnover than salespeople selected through traditional methods.

The Connection Practice builds social and emotional intelligence through a scientifically based skill set. It is offered to businesses and nonprofits in courses customized to their needs.

To discuss bringing the Connection Practice to your company, call (214) 458-4345 or send an email to You will be contacted by email or phone within two business days.

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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