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Completely Connected

Uniting Our Empathy and Insight for Extraordinary Results

Stunning in its simplicity, revolutionary in its impact, Completely Connected is the profound made practical. It's not just about connecting with others though your relationships will never be the same. It's not just about connecting with yourself though that's where it all starts.

Inside Out, Bottom Up, Top Down and All Around

This uniquely powerful skill unites heart and brain, empathy and insight, and your inner life with the outer world. Doing so builds social-emotional intelligence, a valuable asset in living a productive, joyful, engaged life.

From personal relationships to the business world - to teaching kids how to be contributing members of society - Completely Connected guides you through the essentials of being human.

In this book, Rita Marie Johnson shares the Connection Practice, and it's impact. Read about this unique method for connecting with ourselves and others that is supported by scientific research and testimony from people around the world.

You'll discover how to:

  • Achieve maximum brain function for greater creativity and performance
  • resolve conflicts quickly and effectively for a safe, productive environment
  • release negative baggage and boost confidence and self-esteem
  • promote collaboration and a sense of belonging in teams and groups
  • integrate your inner strengths and find practical answers to living in the world

Update of Completely Connected

The book, Completely Connected, was published in 2015. Since then, the Connection Practice has continued to evolve. Click here to see the most significant changes.

Rita Marie talking about her book

empathy + insight = connection

Completely Connected is an Amazon bestseller:

#2 in the Conflict Resolution & Mediation category

#5 in the Communication & Social Skills category

nautilus book award

Read what Rita Marie’s colleagues have to say:

"Peace among human beings is a difficult goal to achieve because of our passions and prejudices. Combining empathy and insight, as Rita Marie Johnson proposes in this book, is a valid and proven way to improve human relations."

President Oscar Arias

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Costa Rica

"In Completely Connected Johnson draws from scientific evidence and her extensive personal experience to produce a work that is eminently readable and convincing. This is transformative learning at its best and makes a vital contribution to peace theory, education, and action. People of all ages and walks of life — from school children to octogenarians, from educators to business, nonprofit, government and social-service leaders — are offered a skill that transcends polarizing win-lose approaches to conflict. Readers learn how to combine empathy and insight to achieve astonishing results — results that include improved grades and performance and also heal, empower, and humanize?

Patricia Mische

Co-founder of Global Education Associates and author
Washington, D.C.

"In these times when marketing pro-grams tell us what we should want, entertainment tells us how we should feel, and technology is increasingly replacing human interactions, it is crucially important that we all have explicit instruction on managing our inner lives and developing positive connections to others. Rita Marie Johnson's model, the Connection Practice, adds a much-needed, simple and effective approach to our Social-Emotional Learning toolkit."

Eileen Rockefeller Growald

Co-founder of the Collaborative for Academic. Social and Emotional Learning (

"Completely Connected is brilliant, authentic and potent. Rita made Johnson puts leading edge theory into groundbreaking practice and offers us a medicine that is both soulful and acutely relevant."

James O'Dea

Author The Conscious Activist Cultivating Peace and other works Colorado

"If more people followed this path, we would have a more peaceful, just and humane world. Completely Connected should be required reading for all our school children, who will soon be the future leaders in this country."

Dr. Rick Halperin

Embrey Human Rights Program Southern Methodist University

"Organizations need people who know and are comfortable with themselves and are able to understand and relate to others. This book delivers the tools for people to do exactly that."

Dr. Carol Gallagher

Alliance for Excellence

"The book catapults readers into a new level of personal empowerment through a marriage between who they were before experiencing the Connection Practice and who they will inevitably become after learning it."

Dr. Doreatha Fields

Founder of the Diamond School

"This amazingly effective technique dramatically transforms relationships — not only those between people, but just as importantly the relationship with ourselves. It is a quantum leap in turning our impossible conflicts into meaningful, fulfilling connections."

David McArthur, J.D.

Co-author The Intelligent Heart

"When parents, educators, heads of state and federal government, and those that aspire to become world leaders read this book and practice its tools, war will be a thing of the past and hunger won't have a home."

Lee and Diane Brandenburg

Brandenburg Family Foundation

"I've always had a vision of peace being possible in this world, but have felt helpless in finding a tangible way to move towards this goal. I now see a way this can happen by supporting one person at a time to learn this practice. This book has inspired me to get more involved in growing this within my community?"

Michael Deese

CEO Visionary Products Inc.

"Before the Connection Practice some conversations were real struggles that seemed to escalate emotions and misunderstanding. But after being on the receiving and delivering end of these techniques, my wife and I were able to foster compassion and understanding in very difficult areas in our lives. I highly recommend the book "Completely Connected" to anyone that wants to improve their relationships. "

Paul Beckers

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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