In these times when marketing programs tell us what we should want, entertainment tells us how we should feel, and technology is increasingly replacing human interactions, it is crucially important that we all have explicit instruction on managing our inner lives and developing positive connections to others.  Rita Marie Johnson’s model, the Connection Practice, adds a much needed, simple and effective approach to our social-emotional learning toolkit.

 ~ Eileen Rockefeller Growald, co-founder of the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

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What People Are Saying About The Connection Practice


“I used it with a student who was quite distressed, sad, isolated, frustrated, and upset, and he was transformed to peace and clarity in about five minutes using your steps. It was GREAT!!!! He was super relieved. As well as being able to identify his feelings and unmet need, he went inside and got near instant insight about how to move forward from here. What a gift!!!” ~ A teacher

“If people at my school knew about this, then they would see things differently and, like, feel differently about what they’re saying and what they’re wishing upon other people.” ~ Elementary school student

“We’re overwhelmed because there’s so many students at risk. No one knows what to do because there’s no way we can have enough counselors. But if we taught students this self-therapy, it’s so empowering, we wouldn’t need all those counselors. ” ~ A psychologist at a Student Mental Wellness Conference, California

“As a school psychologist, I’ve seen firsthand the significant positive effect that practicing heart-brain coherence has on students, teachers and staff. Adding the skill related to empathy that is found in the Connection Practice makes that effect more powerful.” ~ Barbara Hinojosa, Ph.D., Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, Texas

“Combining empathy and insight, as Johnson has shown, is a valid and proven way to improve human relations.” ~ President Oscar Arias (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)

“I’ve always had a vision of peace being possible in this world, but have felt helpless in finding a tangible way to move toward that goal. I now see a way this can happen by supporting one person at a time to learn this practice.” ~ Michael Deese, CEO, Visionary Products, Inc.

“For those committed to world peace, this is one of the most effective methodologies on the planet to get there.” ~ Rev. David McArthur

“I had some needs met I wasn’t even aware that I had. It was a deep experiential process and I resolved some inner struggles! I liked the fact that you had facilitators for our small groups.” ~ Tony (Adult participant)

"After all these years, I’ve finally been able to forgive my father and he has forgiven me. Now I’m going to get the rest of my family involved in this." ~ Middle-aged son speaking about elderly father after both took the Connection Practice course

"It was a deep experiential process, and I resolved some inner struggles.”  - Adult participant after walking the Connection Path

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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