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Bundled pricing for all three self-study courses (15 webinars): $240

Week 1: Slow Down – Take Time to Connect

Learn how to slow communication down so that deeper connection and healing is possible. Rita Marie presents demonstrations of slowing down an everyday interaction and slowing down a dialogue between a parent and an adult child on a painful childhood issue.

Week 2: Moving Toward Compassionate, Courageous Honesty

In this session, Rita Marie focuses on judgments that masquerade as feelings and how to shift them and identify the underlying feelings.  Then she offers a demonstration of “stand-up honesty” –  learning to express your honesty, even when you are afraid to, and expressing it in a way that creates connection rather than separation.

Week 3: Restoring Connection

Connection Mediation is the focus of this session as Rita Marie demonstrates this process. Most people find that this form of mediation restores connection between the conflicting parties and takes the connection to a much deeper level through insight.

Week 4: Gentle with Self; Gentle with Others

We all have “jackal” thoughts, and we often judge ourselves for them.  Then we may also project those judgments out on to others.  Rita Marie offers some ways to be gentle with those jackals.  Then she presents another mediation to reinforce the learning from the previous session.

Week 5: Get Connected; Change the World

Rita Marie, along with other Connection Practice trainers, shares how to operate from inner connection to influence others.  Participants share how they have grown in their ability to positively impact others.  Trainers and participants inspire each other with their visions for changing the world through the Connection Practice.

Teaching connection gives each person’s life a greater sense of purpose. It is practical, inspiring, meaningful, rewarding, and every human being can engage in it. Rita Marie shares the challenges she has encountered on her journey of sharing the Connection Practice so that each participant is better prepared to meet those challenges.

You are invited to continue as a part of this dynamic movement toward greater connection in the world. This movement addresses the true cause of chaos and suffering – inner and outer disconnection – with a method that has been scientifically validated and subjectively celebrated. There is no need to wait any longer. We know how to be completely connected, and we can teach this skill to the world.


The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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