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Week 1: The “How-To” of Hope: Empathy + Insight = Connection

Rita Marie spells out the essence and the science of the Connection Practice®. This scientifically-based, social-emotional Practice empowers each individual to effectively manage his or her own inner life and contribute to a better world. Rita Marie will explain how the Connection Practice came into being and how its unique formula for inner and outer connection works to evolve consciousness in the individual and, therefore, in society.

As you hear about real life scenarios where the Connection Practice was used, its formula is revealed: empathy + insight = connection. The thread between the hope and the how-to will become crystal clear. Rita Marie covers the scientific research behind each step of the Connection Practice.

Lastly, Rita Marie explores the first step in releasing negative feelings: self-empathy. Participants who opt-in for the experiential part of this course will be matched with a partner and will receive coaching on self-empathy.

Week 2: The Empowerment of Empathy

Many of the challenges in our world are the result of lack of empathy for others. When we each operate from an “all about me” perspective, we all ultimately lose.

Empathy is a concept and skill that Rita Marie learned from Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication model. Most of us have habitually suppressed our emotions or expressed them in unconscious ways that we may regret afterwards. What does it take to reverse that pattern? We must learn the language of “feelings” and “needs” and practice it daily on ourselves and in relating to others. In establishing that new pattern, many of the ills of daily life melt away.

Rita Marie shares examples from her own life, and stories of others, where empathy made all the difference. The transition from a fog of self-mismanagement to the empowerment of knowing what to do with our feelings and needs is essential in mastering Human Being 101. Freedom from the merry-go-round of confusing thoughts is only a step away.

Participants who are being coached will learn how to give empathy to others.

Week 3: Rocking Your World with Insight

Learning to empathize with self and others is essential but often does not provide a clear answer for moving forward. Research has shown that by achieving a state called heart-brain coherence, we can more consistently tap the creative insights that are needed for that purpose. The highest and best answers are always within our consciousness; we just need to learn to access them and apply them.

Rita Marie teaches Quick Coherence, a tool from the Institute of HeartMath, that efficiently moves us into heart-brain coherence. Then she teaches the steps of Heart-Brain Insight as a way to meet every challenge with your best intuitive thinking. She shares examples from her life, and from others, that show the entire spectrum of possibilities that can be revealed through this step of the Connection Practice.

Coaching sessions will focus on achieving coherence and accessing an insight.

Week 4: Connecting the Dots of the Connection Practice

Rita Marie brings the steps of the Connection Practice together and shares how they have been used intergenerationally, interculturally and in both secular and spiritual arenas.

This Practice has been tested over 12 years. Rita Marie shares the challenges she has faced in doing the Practice herself and applying it in her life, along with how she overcame these obstacles. Any method is dependent, in part, on the person’s consciousness in using it. But with practice, anyone who is willing can develop the consciousness of connection. Rita Marie will explore how to open people up to a new way so they can discover the rewards of the Practice and be encouraged to continue.

Participants in the coaching program will have the opportunity to coach their partners in all steps of the Connection Practice.

Week 5: Taking the Connection Practice to the World

Rita Marie shares how each person impacts the world through embodying and teaching the Connection Practice. The vision of creating a more connected world is brought down to earth as Rita Marie shares the plan for achieving that goal.

Teaching connection gives each person’s life a greater sense of purpose. It is practical, inspiring, meaningful, rewarding, and every human being can engage in it. Rita Marie shares the challenges she has encountered on her journey of sharing the Connection Practice so that each participant is better prepared to meet those challenges.

You are invited to continue as a part of this dynamic movement toward greater connection in the world. This movement addresses the true cause of chaos and suffering – inner and outer disconnection – with a method that has been scientifically validated and subjectively celebrated. There is no need to wait any longer. We know how to be completely connected, and we can teach this skill to the world.


The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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