Rasur Japan

Rasur Japan Website – ラスールジャパン

Rasur Japan, a general incorporated association established in 2017, was launched first as a voluntary organization in 2015 by Yumi and Gen Morita, and Kumiko Kawaguchi.

Trainers (Rasurs) in Japan are actively offering the Connection Practice Foundation Courses throughout Japan. Around ten people become new trainers every year.

In recent years, Rasur Japan has become more active in the field of education; over 50 people have become Trainers for children (Children and Youth Instructors) in the two years since 2020, and 10 Trainers (Curriculum Instructors) can offer Curriculum courses for adults interested in teaching children.

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Gen and Yumi Morita, Co-Founders of Rasur Japan

Kumiko Kawaguchi, Co-Founder, Rasur Japan

KeiKei Iwabuchi, Leader of Training Team

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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