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Rita Marie discusses the power of empathy - Interview by the Empathy Documentary Project:

What People are Saying
– Testimonials about the Connection Practice

Cipi talks about heart-brain coherence in the Connection Practice:

An Introduction to Rita Marie’s book, Completely Connected:

Cipi talks about her trauma, her road to recovery, and how the Connection Practice helped her identify her feelings and needs (2021):

Rita Marie speaks about combining empathy and insight in the Connection Practice – Rotary Eclub of World Peace:

The Connection Practice at Work describes the practical applications of the Connection Practice in business:

Rita Marie speaks as the leader of the Global Summit for Ministries and Departments for Peace in Costa Rica in 2009 (short):

Society 2045 invites Rita Marie to an interview to share the Connection Practice vision for the future in year 2045:

Educational Videos

Rita Marie speaks about how the Connection Practice empowers at-risk kids – Rotary Club in Sacramento, CA:

Children’s choir singing Connection Practice (BePeace) songs:

Guidance counselor uses the Connection Practice boards with a student:

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Video describes the first Connection Practice pilot in a US school (The Connection Practice used to be called BePeace)

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Guidance counselor demonstrates teaching Feelings & Needs Cards at Oakley Elementary School:

Audio Recordings

Rita Marie speaks on “From Confusion to Connection and from Conflict to Mutually-Met Needs” with Restorative Justice on the Rise
Rita Marie speaks about the Connection Practice with Dr. John Cook:

Other Audio Recordings

Join Rita Marie and her hosts for these media interviews.

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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