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Rita Marie discusses the power of empathy - Interview by the Empathy Documentary Project:

What People are Saying
– Testimonials about the Connection Practice

Cipi talks about heart-brain coherence in the Connection Practice:

An Introduction to Rita Marie’s book, Completely Connected:

Cipi talks about her trauma, her road to recovery, and how the Connection Practice helped her identify her feelings and needs (2021):

Rita Marie speaks about combining empathy and insight in the Connection Practice – Rotary Eclub of World Peace:

The Connection Practice at Work describes the practical applications of the Connection Practice in business:

Rita Marie speaks as the leader of the Global Summit for Ministries and Departments for Peace in Costa Rica in 2009 (short):

Rita Marie talks about the growing violence in schools and how the Connection Practice can be the innovative solution we need.

Society 2045 invites Rita Marie to an interview to share the Connection Practice vision for the future in year 2045:

Educational Videos

Rita Marie speaks about how the Connection Practice empowers at-risk kids – Rotary Club in Sacramento, CA:

Children’s choir singing Connection Practice (BePeace) songs:

Guidance counselor uses the Connection Practice boards with a student:

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Video describes the first Connection Practice pilot in a US school (The Connection Practice used to be called BePeace)

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Guidance counselor demonstrates teaching Feelings & Needs Cards at Oakley Elementary School:

Audio Recordings

Rita Marie speaks on “From Confusion to Connection and from Conflict to Mutually-Met Needs” with Restorative Justice on the Rise
Rita Marie speaks about the Connection Practice with Dr. John Cook:

Other Audio Recordings

Join Rita Marie and her hosts for these media interviews.

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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