Connection Practice Part 2 - Self-Study

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For the past 12 years, the Connection Practice courses – Parts 1, 2, and 3 – have been offered as “in-person” courses held at an assortment of venues over a period of two or more consecutive days often requiring the assumption of travel and housing costs. Now, we are offering the same life-changing course via the Internet. The Part 2 course. "The Connection Path – A Step-By- Step Tool for Resolving Difficult Conflicts," was offered from October 19 through November 16, 2017. Now we are making it available for those who are not able to attend the live webinar. There are five modules of about 90 minutes each. The cost of the five-session course is US$85.logo

Connection Practice Part 2 can melt away pain and enrich your life. Whether you take it for personal growth or as the first step on the training track towards a career as a Certified Connection Practice Trainer, the benefits can be life-changing. For further details on career opportunities, please visit:

Note: Part 1 is a prerequisite to Part 2. See "Offerings" above if you are interested in taking Part 1 as a self-study course or finding a live course.

You are also strongly encouraged to sign up for four hours of partner coaching with a Connection Practice trainer.


– Optional for webinar attendees

– Required for those who want to become coaches or trainers

– Encouraged for everyone! The Connection Practice is a new skill: Only through practicing this new skill can you truly make it your own.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email offering the partner coaching experience. Please respond to that email. Your coach will contact you to set up your video-chat or phone appointments, and you will make your payments directly to your coach. The cost of partner coaching is $99 for four hours.


Week 1:  Skillful Empathy Deepens Connection

In this opening session, Rita Marie introduces the four steps of Nonviolent Communication. Then she shows you how to use these steps to deepen the empathy that leads to profound connection with self and others.

Week 2:  Empathy First: Honesty Second

Empathy and honesty are both essential for an alive connection that continues to grow.  Rita Marie shares the how-to of compassionate honesty and gives many real-life examples. She also demonstrates a live Connection Path.

Week 3:  Empathy Under Fire

Rita Marie shares tips for giving empathy in the most challenging situations.  She talks about diffusing the energy of a situation quickly while staying connected to yourself.  She presents a live demonstration of the five ways to respond to hard-to-hear messages such as “I’m not going to pay you back.”

Week 4:  Healing Core Needs on the Connection Path

Core needs are those that have been formed out of trauma and, consequently, feel as if they will never be met. Rita Marie shares an example from her life and how she overcame it. Then she presents a live demonstration of a Connection Path on a core need issue.

Week 5:  Celebrating Our Transformational Experiences

Rita Marie demonstrates using the Connection Path on a celebration.  Then she invites all participants and coaches to share their transformational experiences in this course so we can celebrate them collectively.

Teaching connection gives each person’s life a greater sense of purpose. It is practical, inspiring, meaningful, rewarding, and every human being can engage in it. Rita Marie shares the challenges she has encountered on her journey of sharing the Connection Practice so that each participant is better prepared to meet those challenges.

You are invited to continue as a part of this dynamic movement toward greater connection in the world. This movement addresses the true cause of chaos and suffering – inner and outer disconnection – with a method that has been scientifically validated and subjectively celebrated. There is no need to wait any longer. We know how to be completely connected, and we can teach this skill to the world.

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