Coach Certification Course Preparation

We put a high value on emotional safety in our courses, and this one is no exception. We are aware that assessments can be anxiety-producing for many people. Please know that we are here to support your learning process with care and connection.

There is a significant amount of preparation needed for this course. Please look it over as soon as possible so you have the time you need to prepare and be at your best.

We want to support you, and we also want you to be well-prepared. Below, we have described what we expect you to demonstrate during each assessment.

We will assess candidates during the course and certify those who demonstrate competency. Those who need significant practice will be mentored and reassessed (additional fees apply).


Pre-Course Preparation:


Coach Certification Manual

Coaching Guide (with script)

Coaching Guide (without script)

Heart-Brain Insight Script

CP with a Partner in ESR - During the course, we will explain the 3 extra steps to the Connection Practice included in this handout


Fill out:

✓ The Conflict List (page 9 in the Manual)


✓ Assessment Forms

These are fillable forms; you can add your assessment comments during the course and save them on your computer. Use the naming convention below. You will send them to the Trainers at the end of the course.

Save the Self-Assessment Form on your computer with your name and the word “Self” and the year-month of the certification course you are taking (e.g., Mary Jones Self 2000-03).

Save the Peer Assessment Form on your computer with the name of the person you are assessing and the year-month of the certification course you are taking (e.g., John Smith 2000-03).

✓ Coach Agreement

Review this agreement (fillable form) before the first day of class. We will briefly discuss it and ask if you have any questions. You and Rita Marie will sign it after you have been certified as a Coach.


✓ HeartMath Software

The HeartMath software is used during a first coaching session to demonstrate coherence with your client.  You can purchase the one that best meets your needs at this link.  Remember that Coaches can purchase either the Inner Balance or the emWave software; however, people wanting to become Trainers need to purchase the emWave. Once your software arrives, please set it up and practice with it.

We will set a date with you to assess your proficiency with using it and explaining it to a client. On that date, you will need a volunteer to be the subject of your demonstration (refer to page 11 of the Coaching Guide). Please demonstrate the software clearly and be responsive to your client's experience. Here are guidelines to help you prepare for that assessment.

✓ Magnetic Boards

Coach friends and family members using Boards. You will be assessed on Day 2.


Digital version of Completely Connected


Reading Rita Marie's book, Completely Connected: Uniting Our Empathy and Insight for Extraordinary Results and update is a prerequisite for certification. Please read them before the course (ideally) or before the final interview (if you are short on time).  Be prepared to answer questions. It is important as a Connection Practice (CP) Coach that you know our history and impact in various arenas such as education, business, nonprofits, parenting, etc.


Preparation for the first day of the course:

Practice Giving Instructions and Leading Heart-Brain Insight 

Please review this video for the correct way to lead Quick Coherence. Refer to “Standards for Coaching” in the Manual (page 10) and practice Steps 3 and 4. Please use this script for providing instruction and leading a Heart-Brain Insight.

Rita Marie will demonstrate how to do it during the class. You will lead Heart-Brain Insight as part of the coaching practice during the course. You will be assessed on it at that time. This is the only assessment on the first day. Practicing based on the standards ahead of time will help you feel more confident.

Practice Coaching on a Conflict with Another Person (with magnetic Boards)


Preparation for the second day of the course:

Prepare to be assessed on a first coaching session (magnetic Boards)

Prepare for Freeform Coaching


Next Steps:

Send Your Fillable Assessment Forms to the Course Trainers
Prepare for Your Final Interview


The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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