What the Connection Practice® did for 4 people from around the globe:

“When I came to this course I hadn’t really spoken with my husband for 8 years. After learning the Connection Practice, I went home and used my newfound skill with my husband and it changed everything for the better – what a gift!”
-- Public School Teacher on the verge of separation from her husband

“I had an alcoholic mother and a workaholic father, and neither one ever spoke about feelings and needs or ever recognized that I was unhappy living within the confines of their ongoing drama. The Connection Practice has given me a voice and helped me to become a better boss, husband and father.”
-- Husband, Father and Vice President of Engineering

“I think this is the first time I’ve ever really felt heard before in my whole life. This is amazing!”
-- 59 year old woman, after processing a difficult situation using the Connection Practice, still holding the need card “to be heard” with tears in her eyes

“For the first time, after unsuccessfully meeting with counselor after counselor, my son is feeling hopeful and is now doing really well in school – the Connection Practice has been truly amazing!”
-- Busy Chiropractor and parent of a struggling pre-teen

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  • As people become more connected to themselves and others, there is more empathy, more compassion and more peace in their homes, work and communities. This translates to a better world for all!

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