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The Connection Practice Children's Board

Helping Children Build a Social-Emotional Skill for Life

Easy to use with
no course requirement

Connection Practice (CP) Boards come with easy-to-follow instructional videos and written guidelines, so there is no need to take a course.

Trusted by educators
and parents

Over 50,000 children have learned the CP. Results with an elementary class that learned the Connection Practice included achieving 100% attendance.

Playful learning experience

With colorful characters, the boards provide an engaging, self-empowering, tactile experience children will enjoy over and over again.

A Treasure Hunt of the Heart

Helping children develop social emotional skills requires repeated and intentional practice. Adults enrich children's development when they help them identify, label and talk about their feelings and needs and gently facilitate their problem solving. The Connection Practice Children's Board supports parents and educators to do just that; help children build a social-emotional skill for life.

Discover Why the CP Children’s Board Is So Transformative

Playful learning

Board designs that capture children's imaginations and hearts with colorful characters

Feelings & needs

Children connect consciously with their feelings and needs by moving magnetized words into place to express themselves

Practicing connection

Proven transformational tool for releasing negative feelings and moving into self-empathy and empathy for others

Empowering results

Regular use of the CP Boards supports children's emotional self-regulation and problem-solving skill


At an early age, children learn that heart-brain coherence helps them access their best thinking and choose the wisest action

Easy and quick

The simple, step by step process efficiently moves children through inner turmoil, conflicts with others and celebrations too.

Designed for children below 10 years of age or anyone who is a pre-reader or non-verbal

$ 89 plus shipping and handling

Includes boards, zipper pouch, guidelines and instructional videos

How Parents and Educators Learn to Use the CP Children's Board

Treasure Hunt of the Heart Guidelines

In 10 pages, the Guidelines spell out how to lead children through the steps of the treasure hunt. They include a Quick Reference Sheet to use after you have absorbed the material.


Three instructional videos help you quickly understand how to teach the CP to children. Kelsey Visser, a CP Trainer, leads each of her children through a session. Her son, Noble, discovers an action step for his celebration and her older daughter, Nora, resolves a conflict.

Two Sets of Boards for Age Groups

The CP Children’s Boards are developmentally appropriate for children below 10 years of age. They come with a set for preschool ages 4-6 and school aged 7-10.

See the impact the CP Children's Board has made

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