Our Certified Coaches, Trainers and Curriculum Instructors are at the ready to help you have connection breakthroughs and insights in all areas of your life.

  • Certified coaches work with individuals, couples or small groups.  They coach in person, by phone or via audio/video conferencing to teach or deepen Connection Practice skills.
  • Certified trainers present courses to diverse groups interested in learning Connection Practice skills. You can attend scheduled courses listed on the Find a Course page or make arrangements to have a course taught at the venue of your choice.
  • Curriculum instructors provide Connection Practice Curriculum training to teachers, after school program staff, or any adults who work with children /youth.

Coaches, trainers and curriculum instructors have completed Connection Practice certification requirements. You can find them across the United States, Costa Rica, Japan, Puerto Rico and beyond. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are willing to cover travel and lodging expenses, we can arrange for one of our certified coaches, trainers or curriculum instructors to come to you.  For more information or to make arrangements, please contact us at info@connectionpractice.org. Use this link to locate a certified trainer, coach or curriculum instructor: Trainers and Coaches.

 Ellen Anderson, Director of Education, talks about certification (November 9, 2017)


Rasur-Training-2014-06 By becoming a certified coach or trainer of the Connection Practice, you will be learning the skills to help yourself and others gain the benefits of empathy and insight. You will be helping to reduce stress, improve relationships and find better solutions to problems. You may work to help organizations – whether they work with at-risk children, employ hundreds or run some part of the government – to become more efficient, more connected and a better place to work. If you choose to work with school children, you will give them skills that will not only reduce bullying and help them do better in school, but will support them throughout their lives. All of this will lead to a more connected world, one in which people have skills other than violence, avoidance or shame with which to deal with conflicts. And still, you may find the best part of becoming a certified trainer is what you gain for yourself. If you are looking for more peace inside you and in your relationships or if you desire a way to be of service that truly makes a difference, consider becoming a certified Connection Practice coach or trainer.

How to Become a Certified Trainer or Coach

After getting a taste of the power of the Connection Practice, people often want to learn more and many want to become trainers or coaches.  If you are interested in getting certified to teach or coach the Connection Practice, the process is briefly outlined below:

Step 1

Take one or more Connection Practice courses in person or through a webinar course with coaching.

Part 1: The Connection Practice
Part 2: The Connection Path
Part 3: Connection Mediation

The three courses are sometimes taught together in a comprehensive 32-hour course. To sign up for a course, go to the Find a Course page or to the Webinar page. You can also sign up for the RFI email newsletter to keep up with news from Rasur Foundation International.

Step 2

Schedule an interview with a Master Rasur to ensure that certification is a good choice for you and for us.  Complete the pre-course requirement to read Rita Marie Johnson’s book, Completely Connected: Uniting Our Empathy and Insight for Extraordinary Results.

Step 3

Take one or more Connection Practice certification courses in person.

Standard Track (facilitation and certification are separate courses):
  • Facilitate a course (coach participants in all skills)
  • Take a certification course
Fast Track (facilitation and certification are taught together):
  • Facilitate during a course (coach fellow candidates in all skills)
  • Take a certification course

As a facilitator, you will work directly with a small group as they learn and practice the Connection Practice.  During a certification course, you will demonstrate competence in all skills and do a short teach-back.

Connection Practice Curriculum Instructor

There is an optional, certification course you can take that will certify you as a Curriculum Instructor. This will allow you to teach the Connection Practice Curriculum to teachers and other adults who then use it in their classrooms and/or with children and youth in other settings.

Step 4

Complete Post-Course Requirements to get additional practice in the basic skills and gain mastery.

Part 1: The Connection Practice
  • Coach the Connection Practice with a fellow candidate (complete four)
  • Coach the Connection Practice with a master trainer (complete two on the Standard Track and four on the Fast Track) (a list will be provided)
  • Complete Daily Worksheets (complete 30)
  • Review Teleseminar on Reference Manual
Part 2: The Connection Path
  • Facilitate the Connection Path (complete four on the Standard Track and six on the Fast Track)
Part 3: Connection Mediation
  • Facilitate Connection Mediation (complete two on the Standard Track and three on the Fast Track)

Step 5

Become an RFI member and be welcomed into this special group of trainers and coaches.  Connection Practice trainers and coaches want to change the world by helping themselves and others develop self-empathy and empathy for others, accessing practical and profound insights, and building greater connection wherever they go.  You will have lifetime access to all training and coaching materials, manuals, PowerPoint slides, and all updates to those materials.

Questions: If you have questions about becoming a certified Connection Practice trainer or coach, please send an email to info@rasurinternational.org.

Access to Connection Practice Training Materials

Upon final certification, you will receive links and passcodes that will provide you with access to all copyrighted training materials necessary for your new role.

Thank you for your commitment to growing our movement to create a more connected world.

Connection Practice Course Prerequisites

Part 1 Training (The Connection Practice) is a prerequisite for all other courses.

After Part 1 Training (The Connection Practice), someone can take:
  • Part 2 Training (The Connection Path)
  • Part 3 Training (Connection Mediation)
  • Part 1 Certification (The Connection Practice Certification)

Part 1 Certification (The Connection Practice Certification) is a prerequisite for all other certification courses.

After completing Part 1 Certification (The Connection Practice Certification), someone can take:
  • Curriculum Certification (this will be offered by Webinar)
After completing Part 1 Certification (The Connection Practice Certification) and Part 2 Training (The Connection Path), someone can take:
  • Part 2 Certification (The Connection Path Certification)
After completing Part 1 Certification (The Connection Practice Certification) and Part 3 Training (Connection Mediation), someone can take:
  • Part 3 Certification (Connection Mediation Certification)

Connection Practice Continuing Education Credits

All Connection Practice courses are approved worldwide for continuing education credits (Professional Education Development Units) through the University of the Pacific at $70 per credit hour.

  • Part 1, 2, and 3 Training Courses (1 CEU/course)
  • Part 1, 2, and 3 Certification Courses (2 CEUs/course)
  • Curriculum Certification Course (1 CEU)