Coaches/Trainers: Post-Course Certification Materials

Congratulations on completing nearly all of the requirements for becoming a Part 1 Connection Practice Trainer and Coach.  Below are links to the Trainer Reference Manual, to the teleseminar describing the manual, and to the Post-Course Requirement forms for all three parts.  Once you have completed the certification requirements, please fill out the relevant form and send it to Ellen Anderson.

  • Scan and send by email:
  • Make a copy for yourself and send by mail: Ellen Anderson, Director of Education, 1520 Rosette Way, Gilroy, CA 95020

Part 1 Post-Course Requirement Materials:

  • Link to the Trainer Reference Manual (you may print it out or follow along in the electronic document) (Note: Pagination for the electronic document is four pages later than the numbered pages in the Manual):
  • Teleseminar discussing the Trainer Reference Manual, which is hosted by Diane Blomgren:

Below is an outline for the audio recording that may help you as you listen to the recording:

0:00:00      Introduction

Diane talks about the Connection Practice and BePeace. We have simplified to having one brand

Note: The Connection Practice Changes to the Manual that Diane talks about have not been made.

0:12:00      RFI Style Guide

(page 4 in the Manual)

0:12:30      Overview of the Roles of Trainers

(pages 6-8 in the Manual)

0:32:30      Trainer Resources and the Trainer Store

(pages 9-11 in the Manual)

Roles (pages 12-22 in the Manual)

0:45:00               Group Mentor

0:48:00               Coach

0:49:00               Trainer

Curriculum Instructor (mentioned only in passing)

0:57:10      Practicing for Your Roles

(page 23 in the Manual)

1:20:20      Marketing for Your Roles

(pages 24-26 in the Manual

1:23:45      Audios & Videos

(page 27 in the Manual)

1:24:15      How to Handle Income and Make Payments

(page 28 in the Manual)

Note: The request for 10% to RFI has been eliminated

Active coach/trainers now pay an annual membership

1:26:20      Resources for Further Learning

(pages 30-34 in the Manual)

1:28:10      Final Questions, Discussion, and Sharing

1:43:00      End of the Recording

Good luck – Let me know if I can help you in any other way.

- Ellen Anderson, Director of Education

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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