Another Award for the Connection Practice?

Rita Marie Johnson accepting award

Yep that’s right!

In June 2017, the Connection Practice was officially recognized yet again with Unity’s “Light of God Expressing Award” received by Rita Marie Johnson, creator of this life enriching practice.

Rita Marie received this award for serving society as a whole by teaching this social-emotional skill globally. Currently, there are certified Connection Practice trainers in the United States, Puerto Rico, Japan, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Canada.

The Connection Practice formula:

“empathy + insight = connection” that they teach is a how-to that melts away pain and enriches life.

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As quoted on the award bio: “Johnson discovered that the synergy of connecting mind and heart, feelings and needs, and insight and empathy maximize our social-emotional intelligence, builds resilience and enhances performance. The Connection Practice is now And we are thrilled to announce The Connection Practice is now being used by with individuals, schools, businesses, and organizations to enhance personal well-being, reduce conflicts and bullying, improve communication and collaboration, and boost performance.

  ~  The fruits of this practice inspire hope in everyone it touches. ~

Her practice was awarded the Ashoka Changemakers Innovation Award, chosen from 79 projects in 32 countries. Rita Marie considers her book, “Completely Connected: Uniting Our Empathy and Insight for Extraordinary Results” as her greatest achievement since it received a Nautilus Award in the Psychology category. ‘This practice that is so dear to my heart has helped me through lymphoma (twice), a divorce, the economic downturn that resulted in the elimination of funding for Connection Practice training in schools, and the death of my father. It’s also helped me to celebrate the day-to- day and major triumphs in my life. I’m so grateful for this uplifting daily practice.”

Rita Marie shared with us:

“The best part of receiving this award was being heard by my colleagues about the power of this practice. That moment was a highlight in my life and another step in fulfilling the Connection Practice vision: each person learning the art of connection and passing it on to the next generation."


Each year, teachers are passing the Connection Practice on to approximately 40,000 students in Costa Rica, where the method was birthed. Interest in the US has skyrocketed at the announcement of the global launch of Connection Practice webinar courses, supported by over 7 global affiliates.

The practice is being used by individuals, couples, schools, businesses, and nonprofits such as addiction recovery centers and domestic violence centers, veterans organizations and healthcare. And we are just getting started in scaling up to the global level. In next month’s newsletter, we will announce the new storybooks based on the Connection Practice!

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