We are dedicated to teaching the Connection Practice® to build a more connected world.

Building Social – Emotional Intelligence

Discover the Connection Practice, a scientifically proven method for connecting to yourself and others, elegant in its simplicity and often awesome in its application. This method prevents bullying in schools, facilitates teamwork in nonprofits and businesses, and helps individuals live with greater harmony and creativity.

The methodology, while profound, is just six steps that are practical, efficient, and can be learned at any age. Not a magic wand, but an easy-to-use, simple-to-learn practice with a demonstrated ability to melt away pain and enrich lives.

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Free Webinar

“A Simple Solution for Our Disconnected World” : a free one-hour webinar with Rita Marie Johnson, CEO of Rasur Foundation International, (Recorded September 7, 2017)

Many people feel hopeless about the divisiveness in our country, scared about violence and worried about the future of our children and youth. Why has it come to this? We have been missing two key elements that are needed for a society to thrive: a clear, inspiring vision that captures our imaginations and our hearts, and each citizen’s development of a social-emotional skill that will create consistent progress toward that goal.

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