A Wellness Habit that Transforms Turmoil into Caring Connection with Self and Others

You Can Empower More Youth Faster

Calling all champions of youth:
educators, trauma counselors, nonprofit leaders, parents and more

Do you feel discouraged because so many children and youth are drowning in a sea of distress, loneliness, anxiety, depression — so much wasted human potential — and you can’t help them all?

Through the Connection Practice, you can empower many more young people than you thought possible.

This wellness habit quickly builds social-emotional intelligence that leads to a sense of belonging – the connection we all yearn for.  The Connection Practice has been taught to over 100,000 people of all ages.

You can join them and create a better world right now.


empathy + insight = connection

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The Connection Practice is Unique and Evidence-Based

Girls using Connection Practice Boards to resolve a conflict using empathy and insight
Elementary school principal achieving heart-brain coherence through biofeedback software
This unique, scientifically-based practice
  • is based on the science of neurocardiology
  • combines empathy and insight to achieve social-emotional
          wellbeing and establish connection
  • uses magnetic boards to process feelings and needs
  • uses biofeedback to teach coherence - an optimal state                 where the heart, mind and emotions are in sync
  • won the Ashoka Changemakers Innovation Award, chosen                from 79 projects in 32 countries
  • was awarded a Nautilus Book Award in Psychology
  • has generated evidence of positive outcomes for 18 years
  • is available in the app store

Now, digital Connection Practice Boards make it possible to scale up and train champions of youth by the thousands.

Kelsey Visser is an educator and Connection Practice Trainer who teaches the Connection Practice Curriculum in this video. Her students learn they are not alone, are able to get through difficult times, and can create connection with others.
Students who star in the Connection Practice Curriculum videos

The Connection Practice in Education

The self-empowering Connection Practice is simple to learn and easy to use. When the Curriculum is implemented in schools, evidence shows that students do better on tests and also learn to resolve turmoil and create harmonious relationships. Parents using Connection Practice Boards at home with their kids turn family conflicts into caring communication.

As the Connection Practice is integrated into more homes and schools, generational pain is transformed into generational peace. On the heels of that achievement, we will witness a huge reduction in the number of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) that historically have been passed from generation to generation. 

Endorsed by:
  • United Nations University for Peace – Rita Marie Johnson              taught the Connection Practice as a graduate course
  • Testimonials from Connection Practice graduates
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Ways to Learn the Connection Practice
or Become a Certified Coach or Trainer

Upcoming Events

  • Champions of Youth Event (Online)
    • Friday, February 25th from 10 AM to 11:30 AM PST

Interested in a Tour to Costa Rica?

May 14 - 21, 2022
Immerse yourself in the Connection Practice and enjoy good food and company while touring beautiful, peaceful Costa Rica!
Contact info@connectionpractice.org if you're interested.
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The Connection Practice Yields Extraordinary Results

You have the joy of feeling heard and seen: Empathy is rare in today’s world. It’s a powerful and life-altering feeling that stays with you for days.
You use words that open another’s heart: You are masterful in helping to resolve conflicts and you feel warm satisfaction from being of service.
You get clear answers to your thorniest challenges: The fog lifts, and answers become obvious.
Your answers bring you peace: You know it’s the right answer because you feel relieved. You’re no longer bedeviled by whatever was bothering you.
You no longer feel stuck: Once you get clear answers, the actions become obvious, and the next step can be taken with confidence.
Extraordinary results for Makoto, Masumi's son
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The Connection Practice Works for People of 
All Ages and Walks of Life

Anyone who wants to transform turmoil into caring connection for self and others is welcome to take our courses. We teach the Connection Practice to professionals in the areas below so they can become certified Coaches, Trainers or Curriculum Instructors and pass it on.

Counselors, Therapists, and Coaches

Professionals skilled in interpersonal communication can serve clients more effectively using the Connection Practice. When individuals are lost and discouraged or want to improve their relationships, Connection Practice Boards guide them to self-empathy and empathy for others. Inner Balance, an app with a sensor for measuring heart-brain coherence, helps them access insights more consistently. The simplicity of the Connection Practice empowers clients to efficiently resolve turmoil as it arises.

Champions of Children and Youth 

Educators, counselors, and youth advocates are faced with an increasing number of at-risk kids and not enough support to go around. Bullying, shootings, suicides, and addictions point to a lack of connection. The Connection Practice leads to a sense of belonging while increasing social-emotional intelligence. The tactile advantage of Connection Practice Boards makes it easier for students to open up. More than 50,000 children have learned it, and teachers offer it to new students each year.

Business and Nonprofit Leaders

In business, conflicts carry enormous costs, including lack of teamwork, inefficiency and lost profit. The Connection Practice is a skill that reduces conflict and provides a roadmap through disagreements to harmonious solutions. It also inspires innovative thinking as a team. Connection Practice Trainers provide courses customized to individual businesses and nonprofits. Imagine the difference when employees and teams know how to sustain emotional balance during stressful times at work!

Faith-Based Leaders

Spiritual communities often struggle with painful conflicts that can lead to fractured relationships and loss in membership. The Connection Practice teaches leaders how to establish emotional safety and resolve issues peacefully in their communities. The Practice is not associated with any religion; it enriches the social-emotional environment while building deep connection. Pastoral counseling is easier with Connection Practice Boards that help congregants access their best thinking.
Nautilus Award-Winning Book FROM OUR FOUNDER,

Completely Connected

Uniting Our Empathy and Insight for Extraordinary Results
In this book, Rita Marie Johnson shares the Connection Practice, and it's impact. Read about this unique method for connecting with ourselves and others that is supported by scientific research and testimony from people around the world.

empathy + insight = connection

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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