Transforming Turmoil into Caring
Connection with Self and Others

A Wellness Habit for Lifelong Empowerment

The Challenge:

1 in 5 students have symptoms of a mental health disorder. Others may be bullied,  violent, depressed, addicted, or at risk in other ways. Educators and youth service workers strive to help, but are weary and lack support; many are quitting, making this disturbing situation even worse.

Our Mission:

We empower champions of youth to transform turmoil into caring connection with themselves and others through the Connection Practice. This wellness habit combines empathy and insight for ongoing personal growth. When champions teach it to students, they learn to ease their distress, confidently meet challenges and resolve conflicts peacefully.

 We envision a world where each person has practiced connection until they continually embody it, so that generational pain is healed and generational peace is sustained. 

Our Unique Social-Emotional Solution:

empathy + insight = connection

Serving Champions of Youth
Our nonprofit provides champions of youth, such as educators and counselors with scholarships to courses where they acquire this skill. Then they teach it to youth, who learn to ease their own distress.

Girls using Connection Practice Boards to resolve a conflict using empathy and insight
A school principal achieving heart-brain coherence through biofeedback software
Students using the digital Connection Practice Boards in the classroom

The Connection Practice:

  • is based on the science of neurocardiology
  • combines empathy and insight to efficiently ease turmoil
  • utilizes digital and tactile Connection Practice Boards for               every age, language and economy
  • uses biofeedback to teach coherence - an optimal state                 where the heart, mind and emotions are in sync
  • is available in the app store

Changing the World:

  • over 100,000 have learned the Connection Practice,                       supported by more than 200 Certified Trainers
  • introduced in nearly 20 countries and growing globally
  • received Ashoka Changemakers Innovation Award: Building              a More Ethical Society, out of 79 projects in 32 countries
  • Completely Connected won a national Nautilus Book Award
  • has generated evidence of positive outcomes for 20 years
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Evidence of extraordinary results

The Connection Practice envisions a world where generational pain is transformed into generational peace.

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