Create true well-being for you and your kids.
Many people in our time feel disconnected - the opposite of feeling heard, supported and lifted. This disconnection results in confusion, conflict, bullying, depression, and addiction and is reflected in the rising number of at-risk kids.

We need a solution that restores hope.
The Connection Practice is a self-empowerment skill that does that.


empathy + insight = connection

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Connection Practice Foundations Course (Parts 1, 2, and 3)

November 1st - November 6th


This scientifically-based practice is elegant in its simplicity and awesome in its application.

There are people who teach empathy, there are people who teach insight, but no one combines these strengths like those who use the award-winning Connection Practice.

When this practice is integrated into classrooms and considered as important as reading, writing and math, the numbers of at-risk kids will decrease rapidly.

Kelsey Visser, Connection Practice trainer, speaks about this unique social-emotional learning method, created by Rita Marie Johnson.
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The Connection Practice Yields Extraordinary Results

You have the joy of feeling heard and seen: Empathy is rare in today’s world. It’s a powerful and life-altering feeling that stays with you for days.
You use words that open another’s heart: You feel warm satisfaction from being of service.
You get clear answers to your thorniest challenges: The fog lifts, and answers become obvious.
Your answers bring you peace: You know it’s the right answer because you feel relieved. You’re no longer bedeviled by whatever was bothering you.
You no longer feel stuck: Once you get clear answers, the actions become obvious, and the next step can be taken with confidence.
Extraordinary results for Makoto, Masumi's son
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Students who star in the Connection Practice curriculum videos

The Connection Practice: The Profound made Practical

The innovative Connection Practice is simple to learn, easy to use and efficiently drives consistent personal growth. 

We’ve taught people from ages 6 to 89.  We’ve taught counselors, teachers, and students, professionals, spiritual leaders, veterans, and business people.  Finally, a social-emotional skill proven to work for all ages and all walks of life.

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Who We Work With

Personal Development

Individuals who feel lost and discouraged or who seek to improve their relationships often find self-improvement methods are too complex to use during challenging moments. The simplicity of the Connection Practice makes it possible to achieve emotional balance during stressful times. With this skill, we can access our highest brain function, open our intuition and create the life we desire.


We’ve all heard about bullying, shootings, suicide, and addiction in our schools. Professionals reduce this loss of human potential by offering the Connection Practice, which increases students’ social-emotional intelligence. Documentation of 50,000 children who have learned it is an underestimate as teachers continue to offer it to new students.


In business, relationship conflicts carry enormous costs, including lack of teamwork, inefficiency and lost profit. The Connection Practice offers a skill that reduces conflict and provides a clear roadmap through disagreements to harmonious solutions. It inspires innovative thinking and creativity. Courses are customized to the needs of individual businesses and nonprofits.

Faith-Based Groups

Faith-based communities struggle with painful conflicts that can lead to fractured relationships and loss in membership. The Connection Practice teaches members how to establish a deep sense of emotional safety in their spiritual community. The practice espouses no religious beliefs; it enriches the social-emotional environment while building peace and harmony.

Purpose and Vision

We are dedicated to spreading the Connection Practice globally. We envision a world where every person practices the art of connection and passes this gift on.
“A Simple Solution for Our Disconnected World”
A free, one-hour webinar with Rita Marie Johnson, CEO of Rasur Foundation International
Many people feel hopeless about the divisiveness in our country, scared about violence and worried about the future of our children and youth. We have been missing two key elements that are needed for a society to thrive: 
  • A clear, inspiring vision that captures our imaginations and our hearts
  • Each citizen’s development of a social-emotional skill that will create consistent progress toward that goal
“Combining empathy and insight, as Johnson has shown, is a valid and proven way to improve human relations.” 
~ President Oscar Arias (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)

Award-Winning Practice:

  • Ashoka Changemakers Innovation Award - Chosen from 79 projects in 32 countries
  • Nautilus Book Award in Psychology


Three studies validate the elements of the Connection Practice

Endorsed By:

  • Oscar Arias, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Former President of Costa Rica
  • United Nations University for Peace – Rita Marie Johnson taught the Connection Practice as a graduate course for credit
  • Testimonials from Connection Practice graduates
Nautilus Award-Winning Book from FROM OUR FOUNDER,

Completely Connected

Uniting Our Empathy and Insight for Extraordinary Results
In this book, Rita Marie Johnson shares the Connection Practice, and it's impact. Read about this unique method for connecting with ourselves and others that is supported by scientific research and testimony from people around the world.

empathy + insight = connection

Ways to Learn the Connection Practice or Become a Trainer

The purpose of Rasur Foundation International is to spread the Connection Practice globally.

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